[120116] Minho updates Me2day plus Fanaccount

120116 Minho Me2Day [민호] 드디어 오늘 ‘도롱뇽도사와 그림자 조작단’! 제작발표회를 했어요^^ 이제 시작한다는 느낌이 더 많이 드네요…마지막까지 힘내야지!!
[Minho] Finally, today, ‘Salamander Guru and the Shadows’! did the press conference ^^ Feeling more like it has begun now… Must hang on till the end right!!
This was taken and written by a backstage helper/staff (using Weibo) who received one of the fan support gift set done by a collaboration of Minho Fansites.
@ 贤爱07:The thing I love to do most is to receive fan-prepared food.. Every time I receive them, I feel really blissful. At the same time, I really respect them. Today, Minho’s union fansite gave a set of presents which I love it so much~ That white cake is one my personal favourite cakes. It taste like mantou (a type of fluffy steamed bun)~ really appetising!

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