Make It Real: Chapter 32

 Juniel underwent some test such as ultrasound to determine if there is damage to the baby or her uterus. The driver of the taxi who had sent her to the hospital already left her. He refused to accept her payment so she expressed her deepest gratitude. The girl tried to contact her husband but his cellphone was set busy. Minho was in fact attending an annual banking conference during that time.   
Later, a doctor showed up to tell the result. 
"Your placenta is functioning well. The baby is unlikely to be hurt since the uterus and the amniotic sac provides a strong cushion for the fetus." 
"Thanks Doctor." Juniel breathed a sigh of relief. 
"However, the first three months of your pregnancy is the most crucial stage. And if you're not careful next time there will be more risk afterwards. 
"Yes Doctor." She nodded. 
Juniel brought up her mobile again to call her mother. She needs some supporter as she could not walk alone suffering slight injury after the incident. "Ma, please come here at the hospital."  
"What? Why Angel?" Worried by the mother. 
"No nothing much. I just fell on the stairs so I came here for some check up. I'm okay now." Fortunately the tests were all negative however, Juniel had no intention to disclosed what happen to her earlier. It is not in her traits being informative at her issues. 
"Wait I'll go there." 
Mrs. Hasun who was then watering her plants had to change her clothes after the call. She had to see her beloved daughter immediately. After a couple of minutes, the mother reached the emergency room where Juniel was resting. Her bruise at the back and abdomen were covered with her shirt. Mrs. Hasun touched Juniel's cheek so gently. She could feel the agony at her daughter's eyes.  "My angel how are you now?" 
"I'm fine now Mama." 
"Where's Minho, he should be here." She asked her daughter. 
"He might be so busy right now." She answered as she could not reach him. 
"But you're his wife and more important than those works. I'll call him." Mrs. Hasun strictly said it. 
Mrs. Hasun tried to contact Minho but only an auto attendant was being heard. "Where are you when your wife needs you?" She exclaimed in anger. She instead ordered JSB's former Director Park Gongchan to search for Minho. 
"Director Park, this is Mrs. Choi Hasun. Can you please try to reach VP Minho and urge him to call back? His wife needs him now. Do it quickly."  
The Director was having an appointment had to halt it for a moment as he obeyed his former CEO's widow. 
The sun had already partly set and it was getting dark. Minho had not yet calling so Juniel asked her mother to send her to condo. Mrs. Hasun agreed but part of her was already disappointed to her son-in-law. She felt like he is not doing his duty to his wife. She contacted Director Park again but the old man could not find Minho.  
When they reached the condo, Juniel turned on the light switch. Mrs. Hasun saw the place and it is so small with only few appliances were there. 
"Is this your residence?" 
"Yes Mama. I like it here, very spacious." She smiled.
"Our pet house is bigger than this!" Mrs. Hasun told her. That was her first time to visit her daughter's condominium unit that Minho had provided for her. She constantly ask Juniel if she has any problem but the girl only says positive things about him. To her surprise, it is the opposite. "My God, can you breath fresh air with this kind of house? But this is not even a house." 
"Mama don't say that." 
The old widow is really kind and generous but she is rich and can be super elegant when it comes to her family especially to her only daughter. She dislikes how her son-in-law was treating Juniel with this kind of uncomfortable environment different from where she used to. "What does your husband thinking of you? A pet?" She asked Juniel, really mad that her daughter kind of tolerating what Minho was doing. The girl bowed her head, speechless. 
"How about your food? How can you cook food without kitchen? Or how do you do laundry?" Mrs. Hasun was giving Juniel some helpers before but she refused since her husband did not like it. 
All she knew was Juniel is in good condition but she was really shocked and disappointed at the same time seeing her dwelling like that. "No wonder you fell off stairs. Your husband isn't supportive enough." The woman complained again. 
Juniel had an urge to defend her husband. She did not like the idea that her mother was getting frustrated at him. "No Mama. Oppa is always bringing me some foods. I have his credit cards too so I can order whatever I want. Also, this condominium has its own laundry shop and my husband always bringing the dirty clothes before he leaves to office." She reasoned out.  
"Really? I could think this place is just a cheap motel if you didn't say this is a condo." She told her daughter with a hint of sarcasm. 
Mrs. Hasun thought Minho is a nice boy since she knew him from birth. "I need to scold your husband." 
"Mama, don't." The daughter begged her. 
"Minho did not marry you just to sleep with you. I did not raise you to be just his bedroom partner. You need a perfect house to live with. Not this kind of place." 
"But I'm contented now. I'm happy in fact." Juniel rarely complain about anything so she could not understand why her mother is whining about simple things. After the quarrel between her, Sulli and Yuri, Juniel did tightened her grip on Minho. She did not want to lose him now that she has his child. She would not allow anyone to hurt their relationship even if it is her mother. 
The girl unconsciously was holding her aching abdomen. She did not notice it as her mind was running anxiously at how she would prevent her mother for scolding her husband.  
The mother noticed it and reached out for her. "I'll send you to your bed."  
Juniel nodded. 
Mrs. Hasun fixed the bed first and supported her daughter to lie her back slowly. Juniel gave some soft moans as her back was throbbing still. The old woman was hurting seeing her daughter in such state. She then removed her uniform little by little, avoiding to hurt her more. She used to do it regularly for ten years and she missed taking care of her. Juniel is so meek and mild that she has to put extra care for her. Her daughter easily caught illness when she was still child that is why Mrs. Hasun is overprotective of her. 
Mrs. Hasun lay beside her while massaging Juniel's back as her daughter's request. The soothing touch of the mother's hand really could heal. Time was running so slow, Mrs. Hasun had to count the clpck tick, wondering when will Minho return. Her daughter was already sleeping and it pained her that this might be a daily scenario for the couple.  
Already past 1 a.m. when finally, the mother heard Minho's arrival. He unlocked the door with his key and noticed a pair of old burgundy heels standing besides Juniel's black shoes.  
Mrs. Hasun immediately rose from the bed to meet her son-in-law "Minho."  
Minho was surprised to see her aunt there. He was not being told that she will visit them. 
"Good evening Auntie." He bowed his head after he greeted her. 
It annoyed the old woman how Minho would still acknowledge her as distant relative. 
"Pardon... I mean mother." 
"What time is it?" It's already past 1 a.m. I was contacting you since lunch, I even told Director Park to search for you." 
"I'm sorry. I forgot to inform the secretary about my schedule." 
"Your wife had fell from the stairs you know that? So she had to go to hospital by herself." 
"Ohh! Really? Is she okay now?" 
"Yes. And you set your cellphone so we could not disturb you." 
"I'm sorry. But it isn't my intention." 
"I thought that you're taking care of Juniel after I gave her hand to you. Look at this place you gave her. Are you treating my daughter some kind of sexslave? If I'm idiot, I wound think I entered a cheap motel. No kitchen, No laundry area. And you're not providing any maid to assist my daughter?" 
"We hardly shared two months together since I flew to Vietnam and spent months working there. I have so many responsibilities for our company that I have little time to manage our home. Juniel knows it." 
"Is your work more important than Juniel? You can pass some tasks to our managing directors if you want. Nobody is forcing you to do it." The mother-in-law was raising her voice, now echoing the whole unit. Minho is ambitious man wanting to make CFG Inc. as the no. 1 banking company in Korea. He also desired to expand the company globally thus he could not sit on the his table alone. Being the future CEO means more hardwork thus he needed to devote himself into it.  
Juniel was sleeping silently at the bedroom got awakened by her mother's sound. She rose up hurriedly to stop their argument.  
Minho sounded calm still but he kept arguing to defend his side. He was so tired from the busy schedule earlier making him loose his temper. He needed to remain respectful yet his pride was hurted by the old woman's constant nagging. "Despite of my work, I'm trying my best to do my duty for Juniel." Minho could not deny that he is treating his wife an only secondary priority. Yet, the treatment already improves as she is now pregnant with his child. 
"I chose you 'cause I know you're the right guy for my daughter. Don't fail me further Minho. I'm really upset with you." She told him. 
"Yes this marriage was your choice and not us. We accepted it even if it is against our free will. So blame yourself instead. If I can't give her what you expect me to then I'm sorry. You had chosen the wrong man." Minho told the woman frankly and it made her teared up. 
"Ma." Juniel called her mother, had to interrupt their argument. "You need to rest now, it's already past 1 a.m." She told her mother. Minho who gave his hurtful remark, bowed his head and left them.  
Mrs. Hasun got struck by his statement. She remained standing there, was deeply affected by it. Juniel came to her mother and wiped her tears. It saddened her to see her love ones arguing each other.  "Ma, I'll send you home now." 
"No my daughter. Stay here. But promise me, you'll tell me whatever your husband is doing." The old woman got hardened by what her son-in-law said. 
"No. I can't fathom this. If nothing happen with you here, you need to leave him." 
"No Mama don't say that!" 
Mrs. Hasun could predict her daughter's fate just by observing her condition. "I'm serious. He's obviously cold at you and he keeps shoving that to us." 
"Mama I won't! I'm pregnant now." 
"You're pregnant?!" The news surprised the mother yet got more upset with him. "Then he's treating you like that? Ha! I can't believe that man!" 
"I'm really thankful that I married the right guy Mama. We're now expecting a child so please support us instead for the baby's sake." She cried to her. 
to be continued...

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