[150601] Minho Brings Out the ′Dibidibidis′ on ′SNL Korea′

Infamous for his rapping in the song SHiNee World. SHINee′s Minho the ′Rap god′ returned for tvN′s SNL Korea.
SHINee′s Minho Brings Out the ′Dibidibidis′ on ′SNL Korea′
On May 30, SHINee hosted SNL Korea, pulling out one hilarious skit after another. In one particular skit called ′Junior High Brothers,′ Minho was asked to introduce his brothers.

Poking fun at himself with the rap that went viral amongst K-pop fans, he began to rap the member introductions from SHINee World.

SHINee′s Minho Brings Out the ′Dibidibidis′ on ′SNL Korea′
He rapped, "Bling Bling is Jonghyun, Our Energy is Se Yoon, Tofu Only is Onew, Fiery Charisma is Minho. My name is Minho." Yoo Se Yoon, Onew, and Jonghyun joined in the rap by singing the chorus of ′dibidibidis,′ as Minho rapped.

Yoo Se Yoon topped the moment off by saying, "Now, this is what rap is."

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