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[ENG TRANS] HIGH CUT Interview - Minho's Part. Credit: MrMinho1209

Q: Minho got SBS Drama Awards Newcomer Award through <>. In the recent years, not only in accomplishing something as a singer but you also an award in acting, how do you feel?
Minho: First time getting an acting award, it feels different. As an actor who is a newcomer, I am nervous. In due to the time constraint for the thank you speech, memmbers & family are missed out, regret not able to express my grattitude to the fans too. In future will have bigger award, will thank all the missing ones, this is new target. (Laugh)

Q: In <>, Minho has love line with Sulli, shooting intimate scenes with dongsaeng, will you feel shy?
Minho: No awkward moment at the beginning, not much difference in the process of shooting, most of the shots are relaxed but there are times of awkward too. (Laugh) Becomes closer with Sulli through filming, really lovely dongsaeng.

Q: Feeling of direct experience with drama filming.
Minho: Really tired not able to sleep & eat well. It is even tougher as during was in the cold. I am tired as an (male) actor, not to say (female) actress. So I thought must take care of the actress. An experience of hard work, efforts & great time with everyone.

Q: How is your year end & start of the year?
Minho: I travel alone during year end. Went to UK to watch Park Ji-Sung in the team of QPR with Manchester United. After that, prepared for all the end year stages, stay up late to practice & also feel that I lack in a lot of part.

Q: Recently Kwanghee showed off of the close relationship with you in <> became a topic, who are your close artist friends?
Minho: Kwanghee hyung is really interesting. Really happy with him so constant contact. SHINee members have already surpassed the intimate level & become a family. Usually, it is Changmin hyung & Kyuhyun hyung, three of us often play together, three of us like wine, often drink & chatted.

Q: What is SHINee's plan this year?
Minho: Probably in Spring this year, have been recording. (Comeback) won't be too long. It's been a year since activities began from start of last year. Looking forward to SHINee's activities this year. 5-year singing career has let everyone to see our many sides. Now want to have fresh look for everyone. This year will have a different look, should have a not bad effect.

Q: Any plans of acting any drama this year? Minho: I want to film more dramas this year too. Because I feel that I lack in many areas, thus I want to accumulate more experiences. Want to show everyone a variety of works & looks.

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