[150416] Minho, Sunggyu, Jonghyun, and Suho plan surprise birthday party for Kyuhyun!

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Sunggyu, Minho, Jonghyun and Suho proved they have hearts of gold.

KBS 2TV’s reporting entertainment program ‘Fluttering India’ will release the second episode of the quintet: Sunggyu of INFINITE, Kyuhyun of Super Junior, Minho of SHINee, Jonghyun of CNBLUE and Suho of EXO in India on April 17.

As mentioned above, the program will show the four members planning a surprise birthday party for Kyu-hyun, which they could not prepare sooner due to their busy schedule of collecting materials for news. However, the preparation process did not go smoothly as expected since they were faced with several hurdles. Viewers might as well expect for another entertaining, funny story.

Just a little helpful spoiler for our readers. Min-ho, Jong-hyun, Sung-kyu and Su-ho gathered secretly in a room and locked the door. They were even on guard by the door in turn, to keep Kyu-hyun and journalist Kim Ki-heung of KBS away from the room! It seemed as if everything was going well. However, they are purported to have run into another brick wall unexpectedly.

Netizens showed a number of expectations to the upcoming episode. “Kyu-hyun is quick at getting the hint of what people think or are up to,”“Uh-oh, warning! Kyu-hyun really tends to catch on fast, doesn’t he?”, “I wonder if the surprise party succeeded”, “I can’t wait to watch it already!”, “Happy Birthday, Kyu-hyun! How sweet of the other four!” They expressed huge interest.

So, did the party go well?

Translation: Veronica Choi

Minho prepared the cake out of choco pies he bought.

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