[150422] To the Beautiful You is 33rd Most Played Korean Dramas in Youku


1.The Heirs 1,330,000,000 views
2.Pinocchio 1,210,000,000 views
3.Doctor  Stranger 810,000,000 views
4.Birth of a Beauty 750,000,000 views
5.I Can Hear Your Voice 480,000,000 views
6.My Lovely Girl 470,000,000 views
7.Master’s Sun 460,000,000 views
8.City Hunter 400,000,000 views
9.It’s  Okay, That’s Love 360,000,000 views
10.Temptation of Wife 330,000,000 views
11.You’re Beautiful 310,000,000 views
12.Marriage, Not Dating 270,000,000 views
13.Emergency Couple 270,000,000 views
14.You Don’t Know Women 260,000,000 views
15.Rooftop Prince 250,000,000 views
16.Secret Garden 240,000,000 views
17.Temptation 210,000,000 views
18.Cheongdam-dong Alice 180,000 views
19.Three Days 180,000,000 views
20.The Idle Mermaid 180,000,000 views
21.My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 170,000 views
22.Bad Guys 150,000,000 views
23.Don’t Hesitate 150,000,000 views
24.New Tales of Gisaeng 140,000 views
25.A Gentleman’s Dignity 140,000,000 views
26.Family’s Honor 130,000,000 views
27.Daring Women 130,000,000 views
28.I Need Romance Season Three 130,000,000 views
29.Lie To Me 130,000,000 views
30.Modern Farmer 120,000,000 views
31.Angel Eyes 110,000,000 views
32.Run, Jang Mi 110,000,000 views
33.To The Beautiful You 110,000,000 views
34.High School King of Savvy 95,000,000 views
35.Fashion King 95,000,000 views
36.Protect The Boss 91,000,000 views
37.Scent of a Woman 89,000,000 views
38.Prosecutor Princess 89,000,000 views
39.My Girl 88,000,000 views
40.Phantom 83,000,000 views
41.Oh! My Lady 81,000,000 views
42.Bride of the Sun 78,000,000 views

Source:  http://www.youku.com/show_page/id_z606eb1fac4cd11e196ac.html

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