[150425] SHINee (Minho focus) with President Park Geunhye at Fashion Passion Event in Brazil


*Minho waved at me and me friend and we  fangirled so freaking hard he smiled and the row of chairs in front of me all turned to look at us

*Minho waved around a lot and winked and we also got a couple of hipthrusts

*...Minho waved to everyone and blinked – almost died because of that – but unfortunately he did not wave to me, even though I have waved like an idiot to him. I really wanted to be noticed, even if only for a second, but I’m not one of those lucky ones who managed to have an eye contact with him, but oh well he waved to everyone one hour, smiled and his eyes shining so much. He is just perfect and handsome. Blonde… wow.

When he was leaving the stage, Minho was waving as he always does, but the things is that Onew fell behind the stage and as Minho was walking back, almost fell over him… lol… then he reached down and helped Onew get up. Cute, always taking care of his baby.

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