[130830] Minho on MBC's Star Diving Show "Splash" Preview

[INFO] Tonight's Splash diving guests will be SHINee Minho /NS Yoonji /M.I.B 5Zic /Lee Hoonye! WhO will be the celebrity who will successfully do a two-wheel rotation dive? Please anticipate!

Fightin and be safe Minho-shi <3

Credit: almightykeykebeom, sempiternalove@twitter.com

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  1. OMG 2 rotation diving ? *shivers* im not doubting Minho's all round sports ability at all, cause its proven already that he has a solid core that allows him to do various sports.. but dont you need regular training to rotate in the air like that.... our Minho<3 is all over the world one moment dancing, photoshoot, variety shows, plus a medical drama... aigoooo.... oh well, Iron MinhoMan + 2Rotation MinhoDiving Fighting !