[130830] Minho's "Iron Man Diving" got 33 points in Star Diving Show Splash

[TRANS] Minho: I'm not the kind of person who doesn't do exercise. I've always loved sports since I was young and on Sports Championship, I even got 1st place. Since it's my first time trying out this sport (diving), I think I will have a lot of fun, but it's very scary! To be honest, I really don't believe in myself, but what needs to be done has to be done anyway. Though I'm exhausted, people always anticipate me because of my sporty image, so I have to do it well.

Minho passed first round at no. 1.

Credit: MBCentertainment


  1. YOSSSHHH, Our Minho <3<3 did it again Flamingho !
    No 1, Iron Man Minho Jjang ! :DDDD

    ps : I hope SM Management will consider a better more humane schedule for all their artist next time in the future... its too obvious that they are exhausted... aigooo... Stay Healthy Minho !

  2. Kshawols are specially worried on his health because of his undeniably exhausting schedule. From the time he landed at the airport, he needs to go straight to filming venues. Let's give our full support and prayer for MInho's health and success. Fighting!!!