[130927] Minho praised by his Medical Top Team co-workers

"The polite bow of the youngest one makes anyone smile automatically"

"Minho bowed very hard to anyone, anytime, anywhere. He politely bent his waist enough to hide his face"

 "Minho knew the etiquette of pulling a chair for a woman (he did it for Ryeowon)"

"Minho became a reliable man for Ryeowon and Yeonseo, he didnt left them, he became chivalrous for them"

"Ji Hoon also seems to adore Minho, who is kind and polite, he took care of him"

"Ji Hoon finds Minho as his best colleague and cute"

"Ryeowon picks Minho as her ideal"

"Yeonseo finds Minho prettier than her"

Oh Yeon Seo mentions Minho is a magazine interview]

Q: "What is your view on 'cougar' relationships? (where an older woman dates a younger man) Among the male idols, is there any? "

Oh Yeon Seo: "Recently, in a new drama, I'm working with SHINee's Minho. The director asked me whether I had saved the world in my previous life. However, I feel a little pressured because Minho is prettier than me. I don't know what to do as a woman".

Ttrans: squishyjinki

"Sangwoo caught having good laugh with Minho"

Credit: thaluuu@twitter.com

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