[150501] Minho makes a sincere apology to Suho on air


On a new episode of KBS 2TV's 'Bounce Indo' on May 1, SHINee's Minho relayed sincere apologies to label mate EXO's Suho.  

Before they fell asleep, Minho said to roommate Suho, "Do you know?  That I'm sorry toward you, hyung."

In an interview, he acknowledged a wrongdoing, saying, "During this vacation, I want to return to when Suho and I were younger, so I am looking forward to it.  We fought a couple times.  Even when I think of those times, I called Suho hyung despite being born in '91 [like me] because he entered school a year earlier.  However, seeing as how I debuted [first], I thought it would get more complicated, so I texted hyung, 'Let's be friends.'  I told him this way it wouldn't get complicated even after debut.  I think the person who received it was upset.  I thought it was simple, but I messed with a not-so-simple pride."

Minho brought this back up with Suho in their room, saying, "I was really close to you, hyung, wasn't I? But you know we got a bit distant from each other, right, hyung?  It was something I said because I really wanted to be of help to you, but after I said something, we got distant from each other, which I really hated.  A lot of things happened after debut, but I was unable to forget that and I had not realized that when I told you that, you had not debuted. Honestly, I was unable to understand your feelings when you had not debuted," showing how bad he felt for not having considered the fact that when he sent the text, Suho had not debuted, so it could have come off hurtful.

Source: allkpop.com

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