[NAVER] Music Core PD "The Reason I Don't Change Minho As An MC? Becasue He's Music Core's Representative Face

'Show! Music Core's PD Kim Myeong Jin told Star News on May 6, "We wanted to hold onto 'Show! Music Core's representative face. Even if we replace MCs on 'Music Core', we wanted to keep the same face. 'Music Core's representative face is none other than Minho."
As previously reported, VIXX'N and Red Velvet's Yeri will be replacing Kim So Hyunand Block B's Zico and joining Minho, starting with the May 9 broadcast.
The PD added, "VIXX's N and Red Velvet's Yeri have already showed their potential when they were special MCs. They fit well with our live show atmosphere and our overflowing energy atmosphere. We also see a high potential for them to grow."

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  • mins****
    his skills are good I think he'll stay thereㅋㅋ even though the other MCs keep changing, he's never uncomfortable with it
    2015.05.06 오후 3:21 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
    74 2
  • dbgm****
    PDnim! you have something for Minho right? ㅎㅎㅎ
    2015.05.06 오후 3:26 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
    64 1
  • bese****
    they really wanna see him progress
    2015.05.06 오후 4:01 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
    59 2
  • cbpi****
    Music Core only trust is Minho
    2015.05.06 오후 4:23 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
    54 1
  • jedi****
    before he used to be on the show with Onew, it was quite solid. Even the mistakes were handled wellㅋㅋ anyways, Minho is the one who stayed the longest on that showㅋㅋ
    2015.05.06 오후 4:44 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
    Source:  pann-choa.blogspot.com

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