[150525] Minho says he has an average face on 'Abnormal Summit'


Sometimes you can't help but shake your head when one of the best looking guys in the industry says he has "an average face."
SHINee's Minho and Onew featured as guests on the latest episode of JTBC's 'Abnormal Summit', and the episode's main question was 'Am I, who thinks that this generation doesn't have a true leader, abnormal?'

Sung Si Kyung asked Minho, "Have you ever been your school's representative or class president or been the leader of a group?Minho admitted, "I have before because I was pushed into it. I was P.E. leader in middle and high school."

That might be because Minho is an amazing and competitive athlete, and Sung Shi Kyung also added, "The good-looking kids always did that. You have the exact 'class president' face.Jun Hyun Moo added, "You must have been really popular."

Sung Shi Kyung asked, "At what age did you realize you were good-looking?Minho avoided the question and answered, "My face now compared to when I was in elementary school is really different."

But the MC's did not give up. Jun Hyun Moo said, "Do you consider yourself good-looking right now?Minho modestly said, "I think I was more cute back then." Jun Hyun Moo persisted, "No, right now." And although no one asked him, he complimented his own self as he said, "I consider myself good-looking."

Minho finally replied, "Moreso than good-looking, just average," causing a ton of jealously among the MCs and fixed panel members.

In our opinion, either Minho is ridiculously modest or blind or in denial. Either way, someone needs to tell this guy how ridiculously good-looking he is. What do you think? Watch Full:

Source: allkpop.com

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