Make It Real: Chapter 43

Suddenly, Hasun blames herself for giving her beloved daughter to her nephew. She knew Minho ever since he was young and knew his capacity. He is an obedient child, smart, and trustworthy. A well-mannered rich boy who will not desire or covet anyone’s property. It never cross her mind that Minho is a having a dark secret and what hurts her is Juniel probably knows everything but just keeping it to herself.  She needed to step up and fight for her daughter, she is young and incapable of voicing her rights and he is abusing it.

Juniel has invested herself in this arranged marriage even the time she almost give up. Though Minho blatantly shows off his lacking affection, she will need his guidance on her struggles in parenting. Gratefully, he had sacrificed his long-term affair with his ex for the continuity of this marriage, a thing Juniel feels sorry at. She knows he is still attracted to Yuri but whatever! With the accusation throwing against him, she could not believe he will force an abortion in the past.  All she wanted now is to defend him from her mother.  She worried that this baseless rumor might split them up and that she has to make a decision that will avoid worst scenario.

Later on, Minho arrived with his dark Mercedes Benz, returning to fulfill his promise.  He was not in good terms with Hasun and this manly pride triggered him to get Juniel back after wounding her. He could sense the old woman is now trying to separate them but he would not allow it until his child is born.

“Why did you came back?” By the sound of it, Minho knew she is still holding a wrath against him.
“I’m here to pick up my wife.” He answered with stern look.
“No. We're going to California. I've contacted my friend about the jet that we’ll be using today.”
“Why Auntie? You intended to persuade me to marry Juniel. We accepted it even if it’s against our free will! Then all of a sudden, you wish to take her away while carryin our child?!” He raised his voice.
“You’re the reason why I’m doing this.”
“What I’ve done wrong? Whatever we’re going through, me and Juniel, you’re must out of it.” He commanded her boldly.
“So rude. What happened to this boy, me and his uncle cherish since he was a toddler? I thought you’ll do your best for Juniel, she’s the most precious thing I offered you but why are you hurting her?” Tears sprang on her eyes as she could not hide her disappointment with Minho.
”Look, I’m not perfect auntie. I have my flaws but I do care about Juniel and most importantly our child.”
“But what is this news that I heard?”
“What do you mean?”
The old woman wipes her tears with a lace handkerchief. She sniffed back her cries, straightened her face. “Someone told me that this marriage has a third-party.”
“Who said it?” Minho got stunned, wondering who tell her.
“It doesn’t matter. She had said many things and the thing that totally blew me off is when she said that you push your girlfriend to abort before marrying Juniel.” 
Juniel was inside her bedroom contemplating about her decision when she heard some arguing sounds at the basement. It was Minho oppa and her mother, quarreling again! She jumped off her bed wanting to stop them. 
“So you’re believing that rumor?” Only few people know his relationship with Yuri but the abortion thing is totally twisted like how anyone would create that unless she has a bad motive. Back in U.S., some media spread out the rumor that Yuri is one of the models who did an abortion because of their job. Minho actually threatened to sue some media if they will never stop harassing her with this false accusations. He trusted Yuri, denying those gossips but not longer when he caught her with the pills by himself.
“Unfortunately yes. No smoke without fire Minho and I can totally see it. You know if only adultery is still crime, it could send you in prison.” As a mother, she do not need a proof to confirm it, she can tell her daughter is in trouble just by observing Juniel and the incidence lately.
Hasun is so gullible and overreacting considering her age. Minho gets that she is just being protective, but this is overboard. His sister is right. Sulli warned him not to accept her proposal but he was an idiot. Now he feels like he did throw himself into a lifetime-imprisonment with his mother-in-law. He did not response thinking it is useless to explain with such mentality.
“Oppa!!!” As soon as she saw Minho, Juniel immediately headed downstairs and ran up to him. She hugged him tighter and excitedly said “I missed you.” Only two days away, yet it seems like years ago, nothing is more exciting than seeing him again.
“Really?” Minho’s hot temper quickly cooled down when he saw Juniel. His wife’s approach is sweet and warm that can swept away his bad mood instantly. Like a child, she clung on him even in front of her mother.
“Yes so much.”
Minho smiled and caressed her back, helding her under his veined arms. 
It is such a lovely reunion, the mother cannot deny that. Hasun gave them a confused look and shook her head. They seem like a happy couple without trace of troubles lately. Juniel has fallen deeply in love with he and it is not his fault. She must had totally forgotten his wrong doings.
“Angel, get ready. We’re going to leave.” Her mother spoke trying to interrupt the lovely moment.
“No. I’m not going with you, Mama.” Juniel answered without hesitation and it stupefied her mother.
“What are you saying?”
“I love my husband. I’ll stay with him.”
“No you won’t. Afterall he had done to you and what about your child?”
“No, were fine now really with Minho oppa.” She looked at him with such adoration. 
Minho lowered his gaze and saw her sparkling eyes. He loves the way she looks at him. She did not give a damn about what her mother is saying even her presence.
“Remember the news angel.’
“Stop that auntie! The rumor isn’t true and I’m not going to explain since it’s a waste of time.” Minho rebutted.
“Mama I’m sorry but this is my decision.”
“But how about your condition? You’re not fully recovered yet.”
“I trusted Minho oppa, I’ll be alright Mama.” 
“Mama please…don’t worry, I’ll be and my child.” She kissed her mother to calm her. After that she went away, hand in hand with her husband. Hasun was clearly mad but seeing her daughter happy again warms her up. She did not dare to follow just wishing he will treat her best otherwise...
Minho assisted Juniel towards the car. She has to be careful at every move since she was still required to bed rest. Inside, he took her hand and gently kiss it. “Thank you for believing on me.”
Juniel shook her head. Her looks is so angelic as her pure heart. “I won’t believe you can do that.”
“You’re different. I don’t know why auntie is easily convinced.”
“I’m sorry Oppa. My mother is just concern of me but in the end, she’ll still support you.” 
“Hmm.” Minho doubted with the way Hasun behaved.
“She chose you right? I feel she’s more upset with me now I’m disobeying her.”
“Was it your first time to commit it?” He asked her knowing how na├»ve she is.
She giggled “Yes.” Juniel had touched Minho once again. She defended him from her suspicious mother and refused to turn against him. He thought she is the same person as the one who raised her. 
“Truthfully that’s the reason why I left Yuri.”
“Huh?” Juniel was kind of muted, hearing the words might be true.
“Since you believe me, let me correct it. I don’t know who told your mother but I guarantee, the person is holding a grudge on me and I need to find out latert.” Minho was speculating that it could be Yuri, Sulli, or some media whom he threatened to sue.
“Tell me oppa.” She lean back on her seat, ready to hear it.
“This is a confidential matter so I want you to keep it secret. Okay?” Minho is still being thoughtful about Yuri but he has to tell everything to Juniel now. 
“Yes I will."

To be continued… 

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