[121210] Minho's friends wish him "Happy Birthday"

On Minho’s birthday, Shinee’s members have prepared him a special surprise with a unwaited ending. The band was in Singapore for a concert and after the performance they have prepared him three amazing and funny birthday cakes. He was quite spechless. Eventually when they were all in pose for taking a photo alltogether Jonghyun throwed Minho one of the cakes. This event allowed the beginning of the cake-fight that involved almost all Shinee’s members and part of the staff, too.
Here is a video of that funny moment:
The concert was amazing as every Shinee’s concerts!
Few minutes ago, Donghae from Super Junior and Minho’s best friend, before going to sleep has wished him happy birthday with a photo of Minho, Donghae, Max Changmin…to show how they’ve celebrated this wonderful day.
And last but not least, Minho has used the Twitter account of Kyuhyun and posted another photo, and wrote: “I’m Minho eheh this is the cake of our Kyuhyun, I’m so touched. Heechul hyung, Kangin hyung, Donghae hyung, Kyuhyunnie hyung, Changmin hyung, and Jonghyun hyung I love you”

Source: en.korea.com

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  1. That's nice of them!
    such a sweet and thoughtful happy birthday wishes for a friend.
    Minho, you're lucky to have friends like them.
    Thumbs up!