[121225] SHINee Interview on MAQUIA Magazine

The true selves of the 5 men that we want to know more about.
The men who are too beautiful, SHINee!
These guys, who charmed their fans with overwhelming singing skills and performances as they crossed over boundaries and generations, are actually in their 20’s. They shared a lot of things with us, from their thoughts on love and lifestyles to the episodes in their latest MV.

The comforting leader who shields the members with his gentle and calm heart.
Born on December 14, 1989. The kind-hearted leader of SHINee. His charm lies in his mellow, soothing singing voice which is also filled with warmth. The place he wants to go in Japan is Fuji-Q Highland!

The big brother who is delicate and a romanticist with a strong character.
Born on April 8, 1990. His powerful and strong high-tone voice is his charm. He is recently into the mobile game where you guess the drawing.

Going to the max in his world! The beautiful fashionista.
Born in September 23, 1991. The stylish leader who turns any fashion to be his own. He is so good at taking care of others that the members regard him as “being like a mother”.

Even active as an actor. A miraculous well-proportioned body that houses a passionate heart.
Born in December 9, 1991. A pleasant reverberating low voice is his charm. With style like a model’s and a sweet mask, he was even involved in television dramas. There’s a fuming side of him that hates losing as well.

He is currently rapidly evolving into a man. The lovable maknae you can’t keep your eyes off.
Born in July 18, 1993. The one with various styles of rare dance skills. Being doted on in the group as he is the maknae. The dream he wants to fulfill in Japan is “to swim along with dolphins in Okinawa”.

Approaching these 5’s sparkling secrets!!
The 5 members who keep on evolving and displaying their charms.
A direct interview to explore on the ‘origin’ that creates such sparkles!

“Ponytail with one piece is the best!”
SHINee’s leader, Onew. “Although I am the leader, I don’t think I am the one who leads them forward. It’s because the members are doing well on their own already (laugh). My role is more like watching over them from the side.” His peaceful and gentle smile during the talk corners during concerts captivated so many people, making them say, “Watching him is enough to comfort me,” and “Even my expression softens naturally!”

What is his secret in keeping such a smile even in his busy days? “(Laugh) I think as long as you always keep your mind at peace and take it easy, then you will just smile when you’re relaxed. I work hard to be that way. Even so, if I can’t be relaxed… I’ll sleep (laugh). Then everything is reset!”

What kind of girls’ fashion does he think is cute? “I like girls who suit one piece dresses. Also, I like ponytails! I suppose I like those with an innocent look.”

He reads a lot of books without sticking to any specific genre. So what kind of book has he read recently? “I wanted to learn anatomy, so I bought a book on it. The reason? I was somehow interested in it (laugh).”

“I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to pranks (laugh).”
Jonghyun is a charmer with his powerful and strong high-tone voice. Along with a singing voice that resounds in the heart, he also gains attention with his beautifully built muscles. What kind of training does he usually do? “The one that I usually do everyday is cardio exercise. I run on the running machine. I don’t run that much though, around 20~40 minutes.”

He likes pranks so he is feared(!?) by the members. What kind of joke did he pull recently? “I prank called Taemin (laugh). I called him when we were separated only by a small distance but I pretended like I was somewhere far away. I asked him, ‘You’re doing this right now, right?’ Taemin was so shocked, he asked, ‘Hyung, what are you doing!’ It’s like he thought I was stalking him (laugh). Taemin is my easiest target. He gets fooled easily (laugh).”

What is the thing that one has to take care of regarding looks or health? “Sleep. I think it’s important for our body to have a good sleep. I had difficulty sleeping before. I tried various ways to warm up my body before going to sleep like drinking hot milk or taking a bath. I found myself relaxed and I slept well.”

“I’ll think of the concept first when choosing my clothes.”
Key’s Japanese skills are really impressive and he barely relied on the translator. Even his stage name means “almighty key” as he is perfectly creditable in singing, dancing and rapping.

His unique hairstyles and fashions are usually attention grabbing. Is there any inspiration for his image? “I combine fashion that’s in style and from old movies that I like, trying to turn them into a new style. Mixing vintage items and old clothes with the latest trend. I think there’ll be a lot of that kind of style in winter this year. As for my own clothes, I think about the concept everyday and it’s different everyday. Today’s is HIP-HOP! (laugh). Since my hair is blonde now, I tried an old school look with sweatpants, big t-shirt, and rugged necklace!”

What kind of fashion would he advise to girls? “It may be harsh as it’s cold (laugh), but I’m not really fond of girls wearing long pants so I suggest shorts with knee high socks. Then slip on something like her boyfriend’s loose poncho. It will suit my fashion too (laugh).”

“I’m drawn to girls who are considerate about others’ feelings”
Minho, who was active as an actor, was the main character for the Korean version of the drama “For You in Full Blossom” which was also popular in Japan. “Since it was my first time being the main character, every single day of filming was an important experience for me and it became a great memory. I went to various places like a mountain and sea for shooting. It felt like we were filming while enjoying a trip. The members are always around me but I was suddenly by myself, so sometimes I felt lonely. Still, when I feel the pressure that “I must accomplish this even on my own”, I tend to put more effort towards it.”

The filming for the drama consumed a lot of time and was quite harsh. In that situation, what was the key for him to keep his skin and body to be in the best condition? “Sleep properly. At least for 5~6 hours. The more, the better (laugh). I turn off the lights in my room to ensure a good sleep.”

What kind of girl may charm him? “Someone who would wait, who takes good care of her boyfriend. By ‘wait’, I mean that rather than expressing her feelings, she’ll try to understand her partner’s feelings. I think it is important to be able to be considerate.”

“Being 20, I guess there’s a sense of responsibility as an adult?”
Taemin charms through his sincere yet cool look as he dances and his cute smiling face that he showed during the talk segments for live stages. “Rather than being told that I’m cute or cool, I’m happier to be told that my dancing or my singing is good, that I managed to deliver something in a musical aspect.”

What is the secret for such fascinating and beautiful skin? “I pay attention to what I eat. I tend to avoid oily food and drink a lot of water. When I’m training, I drink around 3 liter. I have sensitive skin, so I choose skincare products that will keep my skin moist and smooth.”

Well then, what kind of hairstyle and makeup does he prefer on girls? “It changes every time (laugh). I think I basically prefer light makeup. Still, it’s best when the girl has a hairstyle and makeup that suits her.”

If we calculate his age, he became 20 in Korea last July, so is there anything that has changed? “There’s nothing that changed drastically, but I feel like my state of mind has changed. I came to think that I have to compose myself and be responsible. When I have to do something, I have to do it properly!”

Their activities in Japan this year are moving at full speed.
We just can’t take our eyes away from the ‘light’ that is so dazzling.

The trick to improve your Japanese language skill is by having Japanese friends!
After finishing their solo interviews, everyone started to gather for the group interview. Taemin, who was the last to come among them, was about to sit. At that moment, the chair was pulled behind and he fell on his rear! The staffs were surprised but the members were having a good laugh. Among them, Minho had the expression of a mischievous kid… (laugh). In such a relaxing atmosphere(!?), the interview began.

- This year, you had vigorous Japanese activities along with your first Japan arena tour.
You also released 3 singles. “For 1000 Years, Always be by My Side…” is your first ballad single, isn’t it?
J: I’m glad because I like ballad songs. Please be more attentive during my solo part (laugh).
T: We were filming near Mount Fuji for the MV.
O: It was refreshing to film outdoors. Even the air was nice ♪.
K: With Mount Fuji in the back, filming under the morning sun felt good even though the light was blinding. The snowy view of Mount Fuji was beautiful too~

- Mount Fuji is a place with mystical energy.
O: I guess it’s like Gyeryongsan in Korea. You can get a good “aura” here as well.
M: Since I like mountain climbing, I’ll definitely climb it someday.

- Everyone’s Japanese skills seem to be improving. What is your secret?
J: I got myself a Japanese friend.
T: (Immediately cuts in) Is that friend a guy or a girl?
J: That’s a secret! (Everyone had a good laugh)
K: (In Japanese) We came to Japan often, so conversing with Japanese staff was the best way to study. After all, there’s a limit to “self-study”. (The staff laughed hard upon hearing “self-study”). The determination to study from the basics is also needed.
(T/N: Key used the word “自主勉” which is not a formal word but still being used by the young people. The staff were amused by this.)

We will spend Christmas with Japanese fans this year as well ♡

- Seems like you’re going to be in Japan for Christmas this year as well. So speaking of Christmas…?
M: We have work that day every year so I have the image of spending Christmas with the members and fans.
T: When I was a trainee, my parents gave me a puppy. I loved it from the first sight at the store and named it “Eve-chan”.
K: Christmas is a big event in my family. My mother especially gets very excited. The tree is kept decorated until the weather becomes warm (laugh).

- If you were to exchange presents among members?
K: Socks to put in the presents!
O: I’ll give Santa’s large sack to Minho to have him put presents for me inside of it (laugh).

- Lastly, please tell us about your future ambitions.
J: We want to appeal with our very own songs, dances, and fashion.
T: Be bright and youthful!
M: Be cool and dashing.
O: Our charm lies in our ability to adapt into any situation. We wish to keep presenting pieces that display our individuality.

Want to know more about SHINee❤
We asked SHINee things about themselves that we’re curious about!

Q: Which Japanese song would you like to sing next?
A: Oda Kazumasa’s “Kotoba Ni Dekinai (Can’t Express In Words)”. When I first listened to it during high school, I was touched and thought, “He can sing with such voice!” Since then, I’ve always wanted to sing it.

Q: Which traveling destinations would you recommend to the members?
A: Key and Minho seem to be interested in going to Europe. Taemin likes leisure sports like me, so I guess Hawaii? Jonghyun loves Korea so he probably won’t go on any vacations (laugh).

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: Holding hands, walking through a place where there is a lot of people, I guess. I admire such things because I can’t experience it now. I’d like to go around eating delicious food (laugh).

Q: If you were to cook a dish for the members, what would it be?
A: Omelette for Onew for his breakfast. Since Minho eats a lot, fried rice for him. Key is pretty picky with food so luxurious cereal for him. Taemin….. I guess instant ramen is good enough (laugh).

Q: If SHINee were a band, what kind of instrument would each member play?
A: I think the instruments will only be types of guitars and drums. Key and Taemin seem like the kind who will play guitar in a flashy style. I’d like to assign drums that need to be played steadily to Onew and Minho (laugh). I will play the bass guitar which I played in junior high school.

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: I want to go somewhere with a lot of people. Like in Roppongi or Shibuya (laugh). It’s because I don’t go to such place often. I want to go around shopping and eating. I think nobody would notice me (laugh).

to KEY
Q: Have you ever gone shopping with the members?
A: I do shop with them! I’ll go shopping around Apgujeong in Seoul with any member that is available at that time. We’d go to places like high-end shops that sell vintage items as well. I think I go out with Jonghyun a lot.

Q: Which fashion item would you recommend to the members?
A: Since I like it and I think it suits others as well, I recommend vintage T-shirts to everyone. I want to give it as presents, but I don’t have time for that now. It’s hard to even shop for myself (laugh).

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: Rather than going to a restaurant, I want to make a lot of food together that we usually see in American series like turkey and other difficult dishes (laugh). Then I’d like to go watch the fireworks together.

Q: We heard that you like games. What is the one that you’re into right now?
A: Rather than me liking games, it’s more like playing the same game all the time (laugh). That game is “Winning Eleven” for Play Station. It’s a soccer game. That’s the only game I really play all the time (laugh).

Q: Who would suit which soccer position?
A: I’d be a forward while Taemin would be a winger. Jonghyun a defensive midfielder, I guess? I feel like Key isn’t supposed to play soccer (laugh). Maybe I’d let him do public relations stuff (laugh).

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: Haha (laugh). I had never thought about it but since it’s Christmas, I’d want to do something to let it be an unforgettable memory. I’d like to blow out candles of a Christmas cake together.

Q: Which member is most likely to be a good father?
A: Key, I guess. I feel like he would confront the child in an attentive way while looking after him.

Q: If you were to watch Studio Ghibli films with each member, which ones would it be?
A: Rather than watching what with who, I want to watch together with all the members (laugh). It’d be more fun that way. I especially like “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Spirited Away”, and “Princess Mononoke”.

Q: What is your ideal Christmas date?
A: We’d meet in the afternoon, have a light snack, and then walk around in the streets. As the night comes, I’d give her a present and have a romantic time. I want to move her by giving her a song that I composed myself.
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