[121211] Etude tweet with Minho and Onew's Birthday

에뛰드 ‏@etudeplay
Happy Birthday! Dear. 민호&온유♥12월9,14일은 샤이니 민호,온유의 귀 빠진 날♥가슴 콩닥콩닥 에뛰드의 서프라이즈 선물과 케익!깜짝 놀란 귀요미들 행복한 모습에 뿌듯뿌듯♥트친님들도 생축 멘션 뿅

Happy Birthday! Dear. Minho & Onew ♥ 12/9,14 SHINee Minho, Onew Day ♥ Chest palpitating palpitating with the Etude’s surprise gift and cake! Amazed and happy to look, proud, proud ♥

Source: en.korea.com

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