[121204] Taeyeon and Seohyun mention Minho in 4th album Thanks To

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The following is an excerpt from Taeyeon's Thanks To from SNSD's 4th album "I Got A Boy" in which she mentions Jonghyun and Minho of SHINee. “As the years repeat, I grow closer to fish, dolphin, duck, cat, anchovy dad, yayesung, handsome Minho, song boyfriend Jonghyun, EXSuho, Swehun, and more. I'm always strong thanks to you guys.”

Seohyun displayed her close relationship with Minho in her Thanks To where she referred to him as, "My loyal friend, choding Choi Minho! keke" The term "choding" is a shortened version of "elementary school student" and often used to describe childish people.

Source: shineee.net

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