Vote Minho for Best Idol Actor

Daum Awards: Sign-up/Voting Tutorial
Vote for Minho for Best Idol Actor in 10 simple steps!
Tutorial by ScratchmyTofu @

Step 1
Click the link for Daum

Step 2
Posted Image

Step 3
Posted Image

Step 4
Posted Image

Step 5
Posted Image

Step 6
You will see this after clicking the previous button. Go to your e-mail address website before 12 hours after making a Daum account.
Posted Image

Step 7
Go to your e-mail address to verify your account. You can see an e-mail sent by Daum. Open the message.
Posted Image

Step 8
After clicking the link, a message will appear like the image below meaning the account has been verified. Click OK!
Posted Image

Step 9
You will be redirected to Daum.
Posted Image

Step 10
Go back to SFI and click again the link for the Daum Awards in the thread.
You can now vote! Click the button below Minho's picture.
Posted Image

Click the red button below the nominees to for your vote to be counted!
Posted Image

Note: You can vote once a day per account.
Voting ends December 22nd. Let's support him, Shawols!


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