[150109] Minho and Key mentioned as 91 line stars to look forward to in 2015

[All that star] Minho and Key (Anticipation/Expectation level: 5 Stars) In 2014, SHINee held nationwide concerts, 'SHINee World 2014, I'm your Boy~' in Japan. After 3 months and 30 concerts held in 20 regions/areas and gathered 200,000 spectators/audience members. As a representative group of Hallyu, SHINee has been widely recognized and acknowledged globally. Member Minho and Key are the main members when it comes to variety (shows), and showcased their unique charms in various variety shows. Through MBC's 'Music Core', Minho demonstrated his eloquent speech and Key showed off his infinite potential to fans through variety and music programs. Also worth a mention would be that Key has also formed a 91 line among celebrities and created opportunities for same aged friends to interact and once cannot help but be amazed by his outstanding social skills. 2015, Minho and Key, these two sheep will showcase their inner potential and bring fans a lot of surprises, it is greatly anticipated.

Translator: milliseconds_@twitter.com
Source: cn.allthatstar.com

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