Make It Real: Chapter 38

Juniel was in her second trimester. She habitually munches vegetable sticks and craves for sweets. Her husband allowed her to prepare any food she wants and so her body gained weight rapidly with additional eleven pounds in few weeks. She could no longer use her small size clothes so she bought some sets of maternal dresses she needs. Her bump disclosed her current status to her classmates and they all expressed support for her. Fortunately, the class year ending was approaching for her to get some relaxation. She seriously gone through hard time dealing with persistent heartburns, dizziness, and fatigue related to her pregnancy. Mrs. Choi Sunhwa called her earlier just to invite her to attend her husband’s party. Though she was not feeling well, she had to obey her mother-in-law.
“Don’t go.” Minho's advise over the phone.  “Just stay there and get some rest.”
“But. I would like to see them too.  It’s been a while since I’d talked with them” She answered.

“Okay. It’s your choice.”

”Hmm oppa, just pick me up later before going there. Okay?”


“See you oppa.”

Juniel chose a plain green short sleeve maternity dress for the event and put a very small amount of make up on her face. She pulled her hair up with a ponytail to compliment her attire. She only had less than an hour to prepare, too late to call Shinil to assist her.

Her husband came on time, he already changed his suit when he dropped by at the Men’s Wearhouse earlier. “Come on Juniel, we're gonna be late!

“Hold on, I got to find my shoes.”

“Faster.” He sat at the couch while waiting.

“Oppa.” Promptly, Juniel showed up with a radiant beam.

Her aura was lively except with her outdated outfit. She was wearing a basic dress over increasing body size making her looks like downright ahjumma to his eyes. The girl caught his evaluating stares, she checked herself again wondering what is wrong.

Minho is kind of traditional dresser but Juniel has way lesser taste in fashion. He opted to keep his judgment than to hurt his flimsy wife.

“Shall we go?”

"Yes.” Her eyes were literally twinkling to his sight. Opposite of him, Juniel admired her husband that night. She knew how goodlooking he is but never been so fascinated as before. He looks like a handsome actor in a movie with his tuxedo.
“Why are you looking at me?” He noticed her little side glimpses while driving.
“No oppa.” He caught her and she quickly denied it.
“Go ahead, tell me.”
Juniel blushed. She is not the type who is good at expressing it. “You’re lovely.” She covered her mouth from the embarrassment.
Minho smiled. “Thank you cutie.” Even with her old style, she could not hide her adorableness from him. Juniel silently hope that their child will looks exactly like its father. It made her extremely excited by thinking of that.
On arrival at his parent’s home located in Incheon, they were greeted by the numbers of luxury cars lining up outside. Male guests were wearing formal suits while female guests were showing their elegant evening gowns and fabulous hairstyles. 
The venue was at the basketball court large enough to fit in 50 pcs (70” dia.) tables with 8 chairs each. Sulli and Mrs. Sunhwa managed everything from lightnings, to audio system, LCDs, program, table settings, and foods for that extravagant party amounting to 100K dollar budget. 
Minho held Juniel’s hand and she followed him to the court. One by one, the guests showed up cheerfully greeting Monghee’s oldest son. He released from his wife and enthusiastically began shaking hands with them. He kept flashing pleasant smile to the guests, involving himself to some chats and giving warm hugs. Like his mother, Minho has good skill in social dynamic.
Juniel sat quietly in the chair watching her husband until someone called her." Mrs. Choi Minho." Some guests who heard it, raised their eyebrows. They know that Minho is already taken but some of them had no idea that he is already married for he kept it unpublicized. 
"Huh?" Juniel recognized him. “Chansung oppa.”
He came towards her “How are you?”
“I'm fine. Thanks.”
“Nice. Do some slow exercise like walking. It will help you boost your stamina and reduce stress.” He gave her some tips out of concern. He is not close with her but because of his bestfriend, he is getting familiar with her. Juniel is nice and behave, very vulnerable, he thought.
“Yes I will, thank you.” She answered awkwardly.
“Also drink plenty of fluids… Ahh your husband is already busy entertaining the guest.”
“Yes.” She smiled.”I might be going in a few minutes. I’ll just greet my parents-in-law.” 
“Where’s Aunt Hasun by the way?”
“She’s in Vietnam, having some meeting today.”
After Sunhwa greeted his son Minho she sought for Juniel.
“Ma.” The girl quickly stood up to meet her mother in-law. The old woman embraced her happily seeing her back. “I miss you Angel. I’m pleased to see you again with that little thing inside.” She pointed her stomach. ”Minho already informed me yesterday when he visits us.”
“Yes Ma, I’m happy too.” Juniel did not change. The same soft spoken and shy niece.
“How amazing it is when you’re only few months married to my son. How many weeks is that?”
“I’m in my second trimester now.”
“Auntie, they moved too fast.” Chansung butt in. Calculating the days, Juniel was probably knocked up right after the wedding.
“I know.” Both Minho and Juniel expressed their eagerness to have child at the proposal night, but he hurried her out unintentionally. They had sex without contraception because he forgot.
“Ma sorry I don’t have any presents to Pa. I could not go out to buy due to my condition.” She told her.
“Don’t worry. The good news Minho gave yesterday gladdened him. It’s already a gift.”
“Thanks Ma. But where are they? I want to greet him.”
“He’s with CEO Park Taejoon. Come, let’s see him.”
Choi Monghee was talking with POSCO’s founder when they approached them.
“Pa. Happy Birthday.” She hugged her father-in-law politely. Monghee is a cold-blooded parent-in-law, very serious and quiet insensitive like Minho. It made her happy seeing him smiling even just for today.
“Oh Juniel. Thank you. Mr. Park, I’m glad to introduce you my daughter-in law. Choi Junhee.”
“Is she the heir of Junhee Savings Bank?” 
The old man nodded. 
“Oh! Sungho’s daughter. Such a young mother.” His remark, seeing the girl’s state.
“Yes. VP was one of the main sponsor at their civil wedding.”
“Oh nice to see you Young Choi. Goodluck!”
“Thank you Sir. Same with you.” She smiled.
Juniel returned to her table, need to kiss her husband goodbye before she leaves. Mrs. Sunhwa’s female secretary volunteered to drive her condo after that. 
Sulli fetched Yuri from her condo. She forced the older woman to attend the party even she is having tensed about it. The girl had an evil plan to make Juniel die out of jealous. Yuri is particularly scared of his parents’ reaction but Sulli assured her some protection. Yuri’s black sheer one shoulder-evening gown with high slit made her specially attractive. She has the ability to draw attention because of her charm and sex appeal. Sulli is pretty but Yuri is on another level, a top model indeed. Even before she stepped at the venue, she already counting admirers like Cinderella does at the palace ball.
Juniel was watching her husband from a distant when Sulli and Yuri arrived. The girl suddenly rushed to Minho, alarmed by their motives. Following the incident in expressway, she could smell trouble with Yuri’s presence. Minho was with his colleagues that time. They conversed about any random things while sipping some wines.
"Oppa let’s go home now.” She whispered on his ear. Juniel was about to leave but upon seeing Yuri, she wanted to pull her husband away from her.
“We just started warming up." He refused in a low tone.
"My stomach is hurting please.” She gave an excuse, grasping his arm.
"Minho is that your wife?" A one member asked him as the girl looks pregnant.
"Ahh yes."
"I didn’t know. Good Evening." They greeted the young girl. Juniel looks short and chubby as some observed. Her complexion is pale but her face is just average. Some even wondered what did he liked about her.
"Good evening too." Juniel could not force a smile, being anxious at that time.
“I’ll call Luhan to send you home."
“No. I wanna go home with you.” She tried her best to convince him but he will not. It annoyed him actually, ignoring her presence as she ruined the fun. Juniel teared up unable to convince her husband. She decided to stay then at his side, wishing he will not entertain Yuri.
To be continued…

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