Make It Real: Chapter 37

Juniel threw herself on his feet, letting out stifle sobs. The sound of her continuous weeping troubled her husband.
“Stop it now!” Minho pleads her.
The girl embraced him tightly and even moved to his upper limbs, clinging on him. “D-don’t leave us oppa.” She kept worrying that he might suddenly abandon his duty especially with her pregnancy.
“I’ve already promised so enough.”
Anxious at the thought of separation, she was trying her best to persuade him even if he already assured that he is done with Yuri.
Impatient husband broke away from her tight grip in one move. Minho grabbed her little waist and tossed her back onto the bed. But with her arms still hanging around his neck, they fell together. She again hugged him putting her both hands and feet around him with all her might, imprisoning him under her tiny body. “Juniel…” He tried to get away from her eager clutches but she remained vigorous “Argh!” He freaked out and spanked her butt swiftly! He thought he had married such a pubescent girl deserving for some discipline. She remained holding him, asking for more with her hardhead. One moment, Juniel felt a kick inside her womb so she paused and moved a little step from him. It was her first time to hear the sound.
“What happen?” Minho got curious of her sudden halt.
She took his hand and put on her stomach. “The baby kicked me.”
Minho suppressed a laugh “The baby is fussing over your silliness.”
If not with her child, he might be probably gone long ago. Juniel lay down in her side massaging her belly, she would do everything for it not to experience having forsaken unlike what she underwent through.
Minho stroke the persistent girl’s long hair. Out of the blue, he came to understood why she behaves like that. Like him, Juniel has an impulse to protect the child, sacrificing herself for its sake.
The next day, Sulli was in a hurry finishing the invitation card one week before her father’s 66th birthday. She still needs to print them before sending out to the expected attendees. Her friend Jiyoung was there helping her with the design. They chose black color theme with golden lace background suited her father’s age. Alongside relatives and friends, they were inviting some business tycoons and executives from top ranking companies such as POSCO, Hyundai, as well as SME. Suddenly, a knock was heard and Jiyoung stood up immediately to open it.  
“Minho oppa!” The twenty-one year old friend got startled seeing him there. He was her crush before and still is. She noticed he became manlier now and it gave her some shivery feeling.
“Hello.” He greeted her with an absent of smile. Minho purposely went home to speak with his sister about what she did the other day.
“Hello too.” She bowed, unable to meet his good-looking eyes.
“Who’s that?” Sulli asked and saw it was her brother. “Oppa!”
Minho’s face looks stern and cheerless as he stepped in. His sister observed that he was having a bad mood with that gesture. She had strong feeling that it could be related with Juniel. "“Jiyoung-unnie leave us for a moment please. “ She asked and the older girl quickly obeyed.
“Why didn’t you text me before coming here? I’m so busy today.” Sulli plunged herself on the seat while Minho remained standing. She had never regrets anything she did to her adopted cousin.
“Why did you hurt Juniel?” He maintained a calm but fiercing look. “Do you know she’s pregnant?”  
“So Juniel have already reported and you came here to defend her?”
“I went here to hear your explanation. I told you not to interfere about my personal business. You even exposed my affair with Yuri.”
She sighed. “Simply because I hate her.” The fact that her precious brother is defending the girl, made her boil up.
“That’s not an excuse for mistreating her. You had almost hurt my child with your obnoxious act. I won’t be able to forgive you if something happened to it.”
“Oh stop it. I didn’t know that she’s pregnant.” Even she was not aware, she has no right to touch her.
“I’m warning you again Sulli, stop meddling in. I’m your brother but I didn’t give you permission to barge into my privacy.” He said straightly.
It pained her to hear it. They have been supporting each other ever since and now he is preventing her to do what she needs.
“I love you that’s why I’m doing this. I’m just concern for you. You don’t deserve that dummy girl.” She added “Aunt Hasun chose you for no other option. You’re too perfect and Juniel can’t have any better guy than you. I detest you for accepting the proposal after you turn it down.”
“I didn’t mind marrying her because that is an inevitable consequence to appease the situation.”
“How about Yuri-unnie? You betrayed her the moment you tied the knot with Juniel in secret.”
“I did set my plan and willing to confess at the right time but you messed up. Now I’m thinking of breaking up with her.” Minho seemed firm at his decision.
“What?” After discovering what Yuri did to Minho’s unborn child, Sulli thought it might tear them apart but still in shock hearing his withdrawal. 
“I’m overwhelmed by my responsibilities that I don’t have enough space for her.” His priority with CFG and Juniel’s early pregnancy was pulling Minho to stay in this marriage.
“You’re crazy! Don’t leave unnie.”
“I’ll talk with her later.”
“But she loves you. You love each other.” Sulli could not believe that he will end their relationship like nothing happened. She knows he still loves Yuri and currently in denial for she hurted his pride.
“I have deeper reason but I don’t want to discuss it.”
“Are you talking about the abortion? She was just forced to do it so as her agency will release her.” Sulli defend.
“Nothing can stop her if she’s willing. She loves her job more than giving me a child.” Minho realized that when a person’s motivation comes from her heart no one can hold her back. Juniel was only sixteen but she is way more disposed than Yuri regardless of her tenderness and schooling. No matter how much he loves Yuri, that is insufficient enough and he needed to end it.
“I don’t like Juniel, oppa. If you keep her, you better forget me.” Sulli expressed her dismay at his decision and threatening not to give him full support unlike she used to.

to be continued…

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