Make It Real: Chapter 35

Minho got puzzled over what really happened to Juniel along the high way. Why she was there and needed to lie. His wife does not look like having a trouble or she is just good at hiding it? He then suspected that there is someone wanting to hurt her and probably a close relative threatening her again. It might be the same group hired by their Uncle Jihu to kidnap her for payment, but if that is for money they would abducted the girl then. Minho wanted to know the answer. He promised to protect Juniel and moreover, the child she is carrying so he picked up his suit and hurried home.
After eating lunch together with her mother and helpers, they left. Ironing clothes was Juniel‘s next task after cleaning. Still stressful  thinking about her husband, her heart keeps bursting through her chest on the thing he said. Without knowing his real intention on this marriage, her mind was scattered. She went blank and her eyes gone out of focus, accidentally burning her skin with the hot iron. “Ouch!” She sighed at her own stupidness. The heat of the iron was nothing to what she actually feels inside, she sniffed back the tears and continued, encouraging herself to fight at least for her child. Juniel  gently pressing down her husband’s suit, when Minho arrived into the unit. The sound of his footsteps got her ambivalent in that moment, she quickly unplugged the tool.
“Juniel” He called her in his usual deep ad husky voice. It was bit frightening after what he did last night.
 “Oppa.” Juniel  showed up with her knees quiet trembling, hoping that her husband was no longer mad at her.
Upon entrance, Minho was surprised seeing some appliances inside his condo. It annoys him, having them without his permission. “What is this? Why did you buy these things without my knowledge?”
“My Mama would have me do something after my school that’s why she bought these. I’m sorry Oppa, I could not refuse.” She answered meekly.
“She should have told me first.” The main reason why he was angry is not the purpose of the equipment but her mother’s behavior.
“I’m sorry Oppa.” She needed to apologize second time.
 “What I dislike is how she controls us. “ He explained. “I‘m not like you Juniel, I don’t want anyone to dictates me in what to do especially with my personal life. I have my own thinking, not a robot she wants to manipulate.”
Juniel bowed her head and nodded. She respects his remark as she is trying to understand his meaning. She is somewhat weak and dependent person that is why her mother provides everything for her even this marriage. She could not blame her mother for pampering her most of the times, it is just she is unable to live without someone to rely on.
Minho saw her lacking confidence in herself. Juniel has so many potentials if she tries to develop it but she is a scared girl. The thing he wants her to get over it. He reached her the white and yellow colored wallet she dropped somewhere else.
“Where did you get this?” Juniel reached it wondering.
“The old man who sent you to hospital gave it back…”
Juniel gulped at his reply, might already found out the incident with her and Sulli.
 “Tell me the truth, what are you doing along the expressway?” Minho caught Juniel off guard and it froze her.  She remained mute.
This huge hesitation for telling the truth is seen through her big round eyes. He then sensed that she is fearing somebody else. “Tell me.”
She was in struggle of saying it so he pulled her closer by her shoulders and turned her tensed face to him. Juniel feared that if she says the truth, they will threaten her more.
“Don’t hide it Juniel. Who brought you there?”
She tried to avoid his gaze.
“Answer me!” He shook her already trembling body impatiently, she could not keep it as he is determined to know it.
“Unnie… Sulli-unnie.” She answered with her nervous sound.
“My sister? But why?” Minho asked perplexed by her response.
“She let me meet your girlfriend.”
“My girlfriend…Yuri?”
“So you already met her?”
“Yes.” She answered and he released her.
His temper rose again, so furious at what his sister did. He already asked her not to interfere in his affairs but she did again. “I’ll talk with Sulli.” Minho picked up his jacket but Juniel quickly grabbed her arm. “Oppa please stay.” She pled. The fact that he will leave her again at that cold night and will confront Sulli with his hot temper will just make it worst for her. No one can change Sulli’s perspective on Juniel even her brother.  Her envy of her is rooted back in their childhood days worsen by the fact that Juniel married Sulli’s beloved brother.  If he will confront her, it will not change his sister but will only tear the irrepairable relationship further.
“I have to confront her on what she did particularly with you.” He told her as he tried to move away.
“Oppa, please.  I can’t bear another trouble again.” She cried to him. Juniel is already suffering physical and emotional crisis dealing her pregnancy. The burden of another issue might exceed her limits and will cause her to break down.
Minho could feel her suffering after he found out what Sulli did to her. It was already late but he wished to reveal his affair with Yuri at the right time. ‘Don’t worry. I cut off my ties with her.”
It was a relief to hear it but she remain doubtful “Didn’t you love her?”
“Long story Juniel. It’s a waste of time to tell it.”
“I want to hear it.” She was too eager to listen to his side but Minho resisted. Yuri’s abortion is the reason why he had to move away from her. It is a sensitive issue that needed to be buried.
“I want you to be more careful, Juniel. Don’t let them hurt our child.” Minho stroked the long strands of her hairs and she felt Its warmness deep down into her soul.
“Yes I will.”  It soothed her amidst her difficulties. She was thankful that he submitted at her wish this time.
Whatever Love is. Minho  was not expecting of a great relationship with Juniel or putting some high hopes with their differences and her mother’s predominance. Moreover, his trust and loyalty with anyone had gone the moment he experienced this betrayal  from Yuri. It only pleases him to know that Juniel , despite the hardship is willing to give him something he longed for.  Whatever it is, as long as she is taking care of his precious one everything is alright.    

To be continued…

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