Make It Real: Chapter 36

“Juniel, I’m sorry for what Sulli did to you. I don’t know what motivates her in doing that. I still need to find out.” His sister is his only sibling and his closest companion in the family. They understand and complemented each other really well. However, he would not tolerate her messing his privacy and the thing she did with the pregnant girl. His wife did not elaborate the incident at the expressway but he grasped the idea that Sulli hurt Juniel therein, sending her way to the hospital. Minho only knew that his sister prefer Yuri than Juniel but that is not a good point to injure her.
Jealousy is the reason why Sulli kept messing around. She hates Juniel eversince. The girl ran out of hope for some reconciliation and she would rather stay quiet to prevent further trouble. “Don’t mind it oppa. It’s just a little disagreement between us.”
“She could have hurt our little one.”
“Unnie didn’t know.” Juniel had to defend her as to lessen the fume.
“Yeah It’s your fault. You’d dare to fight eventhough you know you’re pregnant. Next time, you have to tell me first before doing anything."  
Juniel agreed. Minho laid down his laptop on the table, had some notetaking.
“Do you like to eat?  I prepared your favorite food.” She asked her husband. 
“Not yet. I’m still busy.” He answered. He was making a research about the effects of apps' designs on the selling within tablet banking. He had put a research group earlier focusing with the enhancement of their mobile app for their customers’ convenience.  
“Okay.” Juniel then continued ironing his clothes. 
He looked up at her and saw her struggles doing it. Inexperience as she is, she had been overpressing the material much longer than it should. He had a notion then that she might only burn up the clothes.
“You’re overdoing it, just stop.” Minho told her. 
Juniel wiped the sweat off her face. She shook her head determined to finish the job. “I won’t oppa.”
Minho ran his eyes all over her body and noticed her thickening hips and blossoming breasts. Her belly started growing bulky as expected in her three months.
“I’m not asking you to iron my clothes, just watch over yourself.” 
“Okay oppa.” She replied, yet continues her task. 
Minho is such a meticulous guy, he kept noticing things. “Don’t overtired yourself. I can send them to the laundry shop as I always did.” He told her. The fact is that he never allowed his partner doing the chores. He rather does the service for them.
“It’s fun doing these.” Juniel was born wealthy surrounded by lots of servants who work for her, seeing her doing the chores was kind of unexpected. 
“I didn’t marry you to be my personal maid.”
“But I’m your maid.” She said it confidently, not realizing what she said.
Her answer amazed him “Did I hired you?”
“Yes.” She was apparently riding him.
“For how much?”
“It’s for free.”
He came closer to her. “But your work is such amateurish. Look at my suit, you’re leaving shiny spots.”
She felt abashed as her first attempt failed. “But I’m doing my best.”
“Now you’re fired.” He caught himself teasing his responsive wife, she stared back at him so deeply. 
Minho pursed his lips in a self-absorbed smirk. He tends to remember Juniel’s slavish devotion to this marriage. 
“No, I’ll continue to improve.” Her stubbornness seems adorable. She unplugged the iron, trying to think some remedy to fix the marks. After trying some remedies, Juniel gave up. She felt tired after working all day and needed some rest. She hanged the suit inside the cabinet, promising to redo it by tomorrow. She threw her body on the bed afterwards and fell asleep immediately. 
Minho felt hungry while finishing his research analysis. He saw some meal covered on the table and impatience to try it. "Stuffed Burrito." It looks delectable to his eyes so he quickly bites it. "Kimchi Fried Rice?" His favorite food stuffed in a burrito wrapper, Minho just discovered how unique his wife is when it comes to cooking. He already tasted some of Juniel’s bakes, but this Korean-Mexican fusion is by far his favorite. After consuming the meal, he decided to relax first before lying down. He entered the bedroom quietly with Juniel already asleep. With her sleeveless and checkered mini dress, she tends to forget wearing her nightgown since she married him.  He recalled before they got married, he always sees her in her very long and vintage night gowns.  Now she is already accustomed sleeping naked on his bed, he have to cover her more often. Minho pulled the blanket slightly above her belly but the girl was awakened.
Juniel could feel his touch in her sleep, she opened her eyes. “Oppa.”
“Did I disturb you?” He asked out of concern.
“No.” She answered gently.
“Get back to sleep. I’ll follow soon.”
“On the bed now.” She invited him, tapping her side.
“I just finished my meal. I have to relax.”
“Please…” Whatever she thought, Juniel spreads her legs apart with her white panty showing up.
Minho just stood there, leering at her tempting body. Chansung just shoved him yesterday how he wanted only her sex, now he must refrain from it. He would not destroy his reputation to anyone or make any sexual abuse occurs in this marriage. While, Juniel  got upset at his unmoving responds, she felt that he is no longer happy with her. The way he teased her earlier and this apathetic act.  He must have thrown off all his responsibility for her except for the child after last night. She quickly closed her thighs and turned on her side. She felt discouraged again as she hugged herself against his coldness.
Much to her disappointment, Minho took his pillow and blanket deciding to sleep at the other room. His desire was there but had no plan to give in to this temptation, leaving her thirsty for good.
Juniel could not read his moody personality, she urgently climbed off the bed and nabbed his hand. “Stop oppa.”
“Why are you doing this to me?” She cried out. She tried her best to please him but he always acting so cold. “Do you want to go back to her?”
“But why are you so being mean?” She hugged him to the utmost, burying her face on his chest.
“You won’t understand it.”
 “What is this that I need to understand, please enlighten me?” Asking with a sob.
Minho tried not to get affected, he could not explain this feeling. He always has this tendency to hurt his innocent wife, at the same time, he would want to protect her for the sake of her child. Because of his past relationships and frustrations, he lost his sense of gentleness. He had this fear that if he will give Juniel some control like what he gave to Yuri, it will just turn against him.

to be continued…

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