[PANN] Male Idols in Hogwarts

Pann: What if male idols joined Hogwarts?

Gryffindor (Brave and courageous)

Baro, Sandeul, Mino, Minho, Doojun, Kwanghee, Niel, Jackson, Sungjae, Minhyuk, Baekhyun

(SHINee’s Minho This SHINee member who is known for his athletic abilities, is indeed courageous and competitive. He is suitable to enter this class because of those characteristics. from ttwigo)

Slytherin (sly)

G-Dragon, Sehun, Taehyun, Leo, L, Zico, Taemin, V, Hyunseung

- "Sly" is not in a negative way, it's an actual description in Harry Potter. Fiercely handsome idols.

Ravenclaw (wise and thoughtful)

Kyuhyun, Siwan, Jinyoung, Gongchan, Hongbin, Suho, Jinwoo, Nichkhun

- Warmly handsome idols. They look like smart students

Hufflepuff (hard-working and juste)

Ryeowook, Daesung, Dongwoo, Shinwoo, Chen, Jaehyo, Kikwang, Key, Seunghoon, Junho

- They look kind and hard-working

Source: kpopkfans.blogspot.com

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